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“Good morning, Jean,” the voice said. Jean rolled over and put the pillow over her head. She stretched out, yawning and groaning. She snuggled back into her blankets like a cat and pressed the pillow harder over her head.

“Jean, you’ve had enough sleep. 7.72 hours is perfect.”

Jean rolled over, threw the pillow to the side of her bed, and flipped her blankets off in disgust. “I hate you,” she said out loud. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretching and yawning again.

“You may be low on vitamin B,” the voice said. “Or, perhaps you have some sort of emotional imbalance. I will look into that.”

“Shove it,” Jean said, rolling her eyes. She walked into the bathroom. She showered, get done with homework, staring at the little scar on her left hip. She wondered how far down they put it. She had heard stories about people dying, though, trying to dig it out. “I hate you,” she said again under her breath.

“Jean, you ate too many carbohydrates yesterday and gained 0.6 pounds,” the voice informed her. Jean rolled her eyes.

After getting dressed, Jean walked into the kitchen. “Hey, Gus,” she said to her cat. He was pressing into her legs, ready for breakfast. Jean turned on the coffee maker.

“Jean, your caffeine levels were too high yesterday and it is impacting your blood pressure by 3%. No coffee today.”

Jean continued to prep the coffee maker.

“Jean, are you having problems hearing me?” the voice asked. “You may need to see a specialist. Let me check for availability.”

She walked over to the pantry and grabbed a broom and a footstool. In every house, in every room, all around the world, there was a small shiny sphere in the middle of the ceiling. Within the sphere, there was a camera, a computer, and speakers. Upon birth, babies get micro-computers inserted into their hips. The government calls it the “Smart Body Project”. The micro-computers link up with the computers in the spheres, allowing the artificial intelligence unit housed within the sphere to calculate each person’s health and status. The AI unit can then make recommendations to each person regarding their current state of being.

The Smart Body Project has been an overwhelming success. People have been eating better, finding out about diseases as soon as they start, and thus, living well into their mid-100s.

Jean got up on her stool and rammed the broom handle into the sphere. She smashed into it over and over again until tiny bits of metal and plaster fell from the ceiling and onto her head and shoulders.

She got down, calmly walked over to closet and returned the broom. She brushed the plaster and metal from her hair and off her outfit, and returned back to the coffee maker. She decided that she would do a blend with just half the caffeine, to help out with her blood pressure.


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